March 2019

The Manley Letters

Since the enactment of Toronto’s game changing Vehicle-For-Hire Bylaw in July of 2016, long-time Toronto taxi owner/operator Gerry Manley has made a concerted effort to draw attention to what he alleges to be the many flaws and illegalities contained in the controversial legislation, in the hope of creating greater awareness of the devastating impact it has had on both the taxi industry and the broader public interests it serves.

Since passage of the bylaw, he has sent a barrage of well-researched letters to countless politicians and bureaucrats at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government, in the hope of spurring corrective regulatory action.

With a view to streamlining this voluminous body of research, Manley has issued a series of letters addressing specific problems inherent in the new regulatory landscape. Beginning this month, Taxi News will be running a news story highlighting one of these letters each month for the duration of the series. Manley’s original letters will be posted here on Taxinews.com, beginning with his letter to Premier Doug Ford. Subsequent letters in the series will be posted
here monthly following publication of the accompanying story in Taxi News…

What is just compensation for industry devastated by regulatory mayhem?

by Mike Beggs

As part of their $1.7-billion-plus class action suit initiative against the City, veteran Toronto plate owners Lawrence Eisenberg and Andy Reti are currently preparing affadavits culled from their respective 50-plus years of industry experience.

And as their group (All Taxi Owners and Operators Ltd., ATOOL) awaits a certification hearing October 15-17, its members can, similarly, examine past examples of financial compensation to taxi plate-holders in other jurisdictions around the world. MORE

Questions of public safety continue to dog private transportation companies

by Mike Beggs

Arizona police authorities were appalled and rattled by a January 30 incident where a pregnant Lyft driver was stabbed by a male passenger -- killing her and her unborn child.

Kristina Howato, 39, was murdered by a 20-year-old man wielding a kitchen knife. He faces two charges of first degree murder, and one count of armed robbery. In her third trimester, Howato had children ages 4 and 2. MORE

PVAC agrees to ‘look into’ compensation for Mississauga taxi owners

by Mike Beggs

Mississauga will look into the idea of compensating taxi plate owners for their huge losses due to the arrival of Uber and other ridesharing companies.

At the February 11 meeting, the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee (PVAC) adopted a motion directing staff to explore what other jurisdictions across North America have done to offset the devastation to cab operators. MORE


2019 Taxi News

Here we go again…

A new round of nine MLS review ‘consultations’ is starting up again in March. Given the present state of chaos, this should be a good thing. However, based on the industry’s long and dismal experience, it’s hard not to take a very jaundiced view of this latest round of chit chat with associated interest groups. See this month’s editorial on page 6.


What is just compensation for industry devastated by regulatory mayhem?

Questions of public safety continue to dog private transportation companies

PVAC agrees to ‘look into’ compensation for Mississauga taxi owners

Mississauga taxi veteran has seen once thriving industry devastated by recent regulatory betrayal

VFH Bylaw’s complicated tariff provisions weigh heavily in PTC’s favour

Saskatoon approves Uber — Halifax staff deem ridesharing ‘inevitable

Mystery applicant before TLT withdraws application for VFH license renewal

TLT grants estates additional time to sell taxi plates

TLT renews tow truck driver’s license with stiff conditions


This month’s Cover Cab is veteran Mississauga cab owner and industry advocate Mark Sexsmith, an outspoken critic of his city’s PTC pilot project. “The pilot project, and the failure of Mississauga to properly regulate this change has resulted in a serious income and investment loss for everybody in the industry,” says Sexsmith, the subject of this month’s driver profile here.