February 2015

L&S has second thoughts about City’s controversial cab reforms

by John Q. Duffy

Members of the Licensing and Standards Committee have voted to request staff reports on licensing bylaws in general, and, in particular, how to reopen various aspects of the latest round of taxi reforms passed by Council in February 2014. MORE

Overseers driving industry to brink of collapse, warns veteran critic

In a 4,500 word manifesto mailed en masse to members of local and provincial government, media and industry members, veteran taxi regulation critic Gerry Manley throws down the gauntlet…

by Mike Beggs

Potentially brought it its knees by the City’s new taxi bylaw – including such hugely contentious measures as the new Toronto Taxi License, and 100 percent on demand wheelchair accessible taxi service – long-time owner/operator Gerald Manley suggests the struggling industry may be on the road to self-implosion. MORE

Okay, 2014 was brutal for T.O. taxi industry, but what about 2015?

by Mike Beggs

The Toronto taxi industry got it from all sides in 2014.

And ultimate prospects are still very much up in the air, with the result of the Toronto Taxi Alliance’s (TTA) legal action against the City still outstanding, and the City looking at a March 7 court date in its application for an injunction against the illegal Uber ridesharing app. MORE


2015 Taxi News


A woeful story

Toronto taxi drivers report the 2014 holiday season was the slowest in memory and even some brokerages are admitting business was down as much as 25 percent. Meanwhile, city hall continues pumping out new taxi licenses, more and more Ambassadors are on the road around the clock, the streets are over-run with unlicensed competition and your costs are going through the roof. Where does it end?

Cover Cab

This month’s Cover Cab is Hussein Ali, originally from Mogadishu, Somalia. Ali came to Canada in 1988 and he’s been driving cab for 18 years. He says the more he drives a cab, the more he’s learned to like it. Ali has already taken his TTL test and is just waiting for his new vehicle.

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