April 2015

L&S members express serious
reservations about core cab reforms

by John Q. Duffy

It was a marathon session at the Licensing and Standards meeting of Tuesday, March 24, 2015, brought about by about 36 deputants wanting to speak to the main issue of the day, a staff report on possible changes to the City’s controversial 2014 changes to the taxicab licensing bylaw. MORE

Embattled plate owners encouraged by new attitude at L&S

by Mike Beggs

It marked another tentative step forward in the Toronto Taxicab Alliance’s fight to protect the $1.4 billion in Standard plate equity of its members.

The March 24 meeting of the Toronto Licensing & Standards Committee saw the unanimous approval of a motion by Councillor Frank Di Giorgio to direct Licensing staff to bring forward to L&S the necessary bylaw amendments to reinstate the Standard taxicab regulations that were in effect prior to February 19, 2014, and provide a report to the Committee at its meeting on April 21. (The bylaw provisions allowing Ambassadors to now sell their plates remain in place). MORE

Tory tag and tow campaign illegally penalizing taxi operators

by Mike Beggs

Toronto may have a new Mayor, but it seems to be the same old story for Toronto taxi drivers.

While John Tory’s crackdown on illegal rush hour stopping may be yielding favourable public feedback, the city’s licensed cabbies and limo drivers are actively being slapped with a $150 ticket – even though they are clearly exempted from the no stopping law, if actually engaged in the loading and unloading of passengers, under the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 950, Traffic and Parking Section 950-405 (D1). MORE


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Encouraging progress?

Many were encouraged to encounter members of the City’s L&S Committee who recognize that years of “reform” meddling have created a huge injustice for people who devoted their lives to the taxi industry. However, significant obstacles remain. The clear-headed must now persuade a majority of their fellow council members to repair the immense damage done to those who have served Toronto so long and so well.

Cover Cab

This month’s Cover Cab is Etsehiwot Ejigu, who came to Canada 12 years ago from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has been driving taxi for eight years and appreciates the freedom and flexibility of the job. Ejigu says there are too many taxis on the streets of Toronto and cab drivers’ high fees and expenses make it that much harder to earn a decent living.

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L&S members express serious reservations about core cab reform

Embattled plate owners encouraged by new attitude at L&S

Tory tag and tow campaign illegally penalizing taxi operators

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