December 2017

Shame on you City of Toronto!

To the editor,

This is an open letter to the Toronto City Councillors who voted to license Uber X.

Over two years ago you blithely chose to license Uber with virtually no regulatory conditions at all and your bias in favour of Uber has been ongoing. The Toronto taxi industry made it very clear back then, how reckless and completely destructive this decision would prove.

The bullying Silicon Valley exploiter’s renegade fleet practices in total contravention of Municipal Code Chapter 545 and Mayor John Tory’s promised “level playing field” was nothing but a barefaced lie!

The fact that Uber cares nothing about any of the rules and regulations put in place to insure a safe, effective and efficient vehicle for hire industry is utterly despicable!

The fact that you elected to reward this despicable behaviour and destroy a law-abiding, historically proven and established industry in the process is a disgrace.

On the evidence, you don’t possess the integrity, sensitivity, or sense of community

responsibility to fix the appalling mess you have created in Toronto’s vehicle for hire industry. Your blatant and ill-judged prejudice for Uber has slashed our industry’s earnings by half and our equity by two thirds! How, I wonder, would you react if anyone had the temerity to treat your life and livelihood with such reckless disregard?

Without the rule of law my friends, it is very difficult for democracy to function! Your heedlessly irresponsible handling of the City’s vehicle for hire industry is a very sad day for democracy indeed.

Bob Boyd



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