You may have noticed there is no print edition of Taxi News this month.

The reason is simple. The paper, in print form, has been losing money for a long time. Our costs have far outpaced dramatically falling revenues. Long-term advertisers have gradually fallen away. Not enough new ads have been coming in to offset the losses. Things simply could not continue as they have been. We did out best, but reality strikes.

So we are trying this format. We sincerely hope Toronto’s taxi industry understands what has happened and accepts the change.

This is brand new territory for us. Of necessity, this first online version will be essentially bare bones.

There is one major story this month, dealing with the certification hearing for a class action lawsuit brought by ATOOL, a group of taxicab owners and operators, who want to sue the city for losses sustained by the industry since the advent of Private Transportation Companies. But first a judge must agree there are sufficient grounds for a class action suit to proceed. The bar to certify a class action suit, we are told, is relatively low, and this Toronto action mimics other such lawsuits brought by taxi industries in other cities, both in Ontario (Ottawa, eg.) and elsewhere in Canada. Some legal experts tell us Toronto’s grounds for action may be, or are, stronger than those other, approved actions.

TN was present at the certification hearing and an account of what transpired and the arguments presented to the Judge from both sides is elsewhere on this site. He reserved his decision to be announced at a later date.

We also report on several days of Toronto Licensing Tribunal hearings, as we are told many of our readers enjoy seeing what happens at the TLT.

We are including, for your convenience, a list of General Government and Licensing Committee meeting dates, including the most recent agenda. There was nothing in the original or Supplimentary agenda of great interest to the taxi industry this month, in our opinion.

We are also including links to the GG&L, the TLT and other sites as they arise we think will be of interest or use to you in the industry,. If you have suggestions for further links, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

As time goes on, we will include more news content from Toronto. Keep in mind that taking the time to research write and publish stories also requires money. The more money we get, from ads, the more news content you will see here.

We will also post stories from around the world relating to the taxi business. We’ve been adding some to the print version of the paper, but believe us when we say there is much you may not see. And folks, please continue to send us stories you run across. They are much appreciated.

We will continue to post Classified ads as usual. So please don’t stop coming to us.

As usual, we are posting letters to the editor. We get some that never made it to the print version of the paper but we think you will find them interesting reads. We certainly actively solicit your letters and will put them on line as they come in, on a regular basis. Your opinions and concerns do matter. We reserve, as usual, the right to edit letters.

We really haven’t figured out how to deal with subscribers for our print edition. Stay tuned. We hope to come up with a mutually fair solution.

Please support our ongoing advertisers. We have been humbled at their response to the news of this change and are deeply grateful for their loyalty. If you want to advertise your company or service, either through a link or an ad, or both, or know of someone who may be open to use this highly targeted site, either ask them to call us, or call us and we can reach out to them. Once again, this site cannot survive without ad revenues.

Drop by this site several times a month. Things will have changed.

Finally, this is the holiday season and we wish all of you a very prosperous Christmas and a Happy New Year. And we hope for the best for whatever other holiday is appropriate to you and your family. Please drive carefully.

Thank you for your support for and interest in this newspaper for more than 3 decades.


December 2019