House arrest complicates TLT hearing into taxi license

by John Q. Duffy

A hearing into the continuation of Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal’s Taxicab Driver’s Licence was adjourned to December 19, 2019.

Iqbal did not attend this Toronto Licensing Tribunal hearing day, Thursday, October 17, 2019.

The TLT panel was informed by City lawyer David Gourlay that apparently Iqbal is under house arrest and is unable to attend the TLT hearing, but the City has no further information.

According to Gourlay, this license has been suspended “for some time” on an “interim basis” so Municipal Licensing and Standards has no public safety concerns about delaying the hearing.

Tribunal staff will examine the possibility of conducting this hearing over the telephone, but this is complicated by the need for a translator for the licensee.

The panel said it had “a lot of questions” and asked the City to get more information from police.

In another case, the application of Mohamed Ahmed Dirie for a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s Licence was accepted after approval of a Joint Proposal.

The license will be on probation for 4 years, and on each renewal Dirie must provide MLS, at his own expense, a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters report.

Other usual conditions of probation relating to fees and documents being up to date and a warning MLS will monitor his conduct and he may be brought back to the TLT for another hearing if the City has concerns.

Dirie underwent a 1-year Provincial driver license suspension for various infractions.

Gourlay told the panel Dirie has “taken steps to address the issues.”

As well, Dirie provided a support letter from his “former employer” and he expects to work with this company (unnamed) again.

After acceptance of a Proposed Resolution, Khair Mohamed Holway had his Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s Licence renewed. However it was immediately suspended for 4 days and he will be on probation for 3 years.

MLS has serious concerns about his driving record and various bylaw charges and convictions. Taxi News was not present for much of this hearing and we have no further details about those concerns.

A MLS report into the conduct of Cemil Caliskan was withdrawn by MLS after he cancelled his Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s Licence.

Finally, the estate of Joseph Marmorstein, Mitch Grossman, Appointed Estate Trustee without a Will, holding 3 taxicab licenses, was allowed a time extension to divest itself of the licenses until November 27, 2019.


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