July 2018

Large turnout for annual Eid prayer service in Dentonia Park

by John Q. Duffy

A prayer service was held at Dentonia Park on Friday, June 15, to celebrate the end of the Muslim festival of Eid.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, with retiring City Councillor Janet Davis, attended this event, which lasted about an hour and is one of the largest Islamic outdoor gatherings in the GTA, if not Canada.

Unfortunately, MP Bill Blair, former Chief of the Toronto Police Service and MP Nathan Smith (Scarborough South West) were forced to miss the event due to votes going on in Ottawa.

Several thousand of the faithful attended the service, initiated by the Danforth Islamic Centre.

Prayers were led by Imam Irshad Osman, the Khatib of Danforth Islamic Centre.

This annual service was first held in 2009.

In his opening remarks, Mohammed Mirza, Chief Operating Officer of the DIC, reminded worshippers that Eid is “a time of reflection (to) become a better person.”

He also thanked Davis for her invaluable assistance throughout the years.

“Without her support this wouldn’t have been possible,” he said.

Davis commented that Toronto is “a place that welcomes communities. You are our future.”

Tory thanked the organizers for the invitation, and noted that Eid is “a month of immense generosity.”

He also noted the ideals of Eid “are an important part of your faith” while Muslims are helping grow “a strong and caring city” where people are “looking after one another.”


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