July 2017

Mississauga’s plan to issue 38 taxi plates ‘flagrantly irresponsible’

To the editor,

(Editor’s note: This is an open letter to the Mayor & Members of Mississauga Council.)

Councillor Parrish’s motion to issue 38 new taxi plates is flagrantly irresponsible, given the fact recommendations contained within the Hara report pertaining to the issuance of plates were never incorporated into the Public Vehicle Licensing Bylaw. Schedule 13 of the Bylaw, which includes the Licence Issuance Model, sets forth the proper procedure for determining whether or not additional plates are required.

For the record, the Model includes five criteria, each with a designated weighting. They are as follows:

(1) Trips dispatched by brokerages - 17.2 percent

(2) Increase in business industry - 11.1 percent

(3) Population related factors - 30.4 percent

(4) Information on Drivers/Operators - 11.8 percent

(5) Plate values - 29.5 percent

While Mississauga’s population has increased since the last plate issue in 2014, brokerage order counts are down, particularly in the previous 12 months; as are driver earnings. As for plate values, they have plummeted, as you well know. These three factors alone account for a combined weighting of 71.1 percent, thus ruling out any necessity for issuing a single new plate. Quite frankly, a reasonable person would conclude Mississauga currently has too many cabs.

To issue plates strictly on the basis of population, and, in the case of an additional 13 plates for 2018, a projected population, as well as contrary to the Bylaw, reveals an agenda designed to further destabilize an industry seriously challenged by the presence of Uber.

Talk about kicking someone when they are down.

Members of Council, our fate is in your hands. If you disregard the facts at hand by supporting a plate issue, rest assured, the public good will be diminished. To do so will be to turn your backs on nearly 50 years of responsible regulation, and, at the same time, inflict irreparable harm on members of the taxi industry.

Peter D. Pellier

Passing of longtime fleet operator was real loss

To the editor,

Mid-month in June, old friend Bob Boyd called me with the news that Glen Harry, longtime fleet operator, had passed away and that his funeral service had taken place the previous day.

Though Glen lived 89 years, I was momentarily saddened by Bob’s news. Glen was the last of 13 fleet operators I did business with in my thirty-odd years as a fleet driver - and I can truly say that he was one of the finest men I met in all those years.

Glen was nothing less than kind - kind! - to his drivers, including a few that didn’t appreciate it, deserve it or even notice it. He never let the hardships of a hard business make him greedy or bitter, as some others surely did.

Rest in peace, Glen Harry. From what I was able to see, you did better than well.

Peter McSherry



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Mississauga’s plan to issue 38 taxi plates ‘flagrantly irresponsible’

Passing of longtime fleet operator was real loss