April 2017

Province drops HOV Lane exemption for cabs but leaves door ajar…

by Mike Beggs

The Province has turned down a request for the taxi industry exemption for HOV Lanes to be made permanent.

In mid-March, the Office of Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn confirmed there are no plans to extend the temporary exemption for taxis and limos indefinitely.

They explained the main objective of Ontario’s HOV lane system is to manage congestion, reduce infrastructure costs, and reduce the related environmental impacts of transportation.

However, they related that the Ministry is undertaking a comprehensive review of the HOV lane network as part of the Multimodal Transportation Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

The mover behind this request, Oakville owner/operator Al Prior suggests a permanent exemption is still worth pursuing.

“It certainly would make a big difference to all taxi operators, (especially) as the congestion keeps increasing,” he says.


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Province drops HOV Lane exemption for cabs but leaves door ajar…