March 2018

TLT approves license renewal despite weapons charge

by John Q. Duffy

At a hearing held February 8, 2011, the Toronto Licensing Tribunal panel approved a joint Proposed Resolution allowing renewal of a Tow Truck Driver’s License held by Laxman Ramdhari Singh.

The renewal is subject to the conditions that (1) All fees, documents and/or any outstanding requirements must be submitted to the satisfaction of Municipal Licensing and Standards within 30 days of the Tribunal hearing, failing which the application may be cancelled; (2) Upon being renewed, Tow Truck Driver’s License will be placed on probation for a period of two years; (3) Prior to each of the next two renewals of the license, Singh must provide to Municipal Licensing and Standards, at his own expense, an original up-to-date abstract of his driving record; and 4) During the probationary period, if Municipal Licensing and Standards has concerns with any new charges or convictions those matters and the current report, plus updating material, may be brought back before the Tribunal for a full hearing.

The panel of Aly Alibhai, Melina Laverty and Daphne Simon heard that Singh had a 2013 conviction for Careless Driving and a 2015 Assault with a Weapon charge.

Singh apparently was having difficulties coping with the death of his wife, has undergone an alcohol rehabilitation program and has since turned his life around. The panel wished him good luck with continuing his new path.

Dharamdeo Singh will get a renewal of his Public Garage License provided he pays all of his outstanding bylaw fines in full by June 30, 2018. It seems he racked up about $2,400 in fines between November 2015 and February 2017, all for operating a public garage without a license. Singh was represented by legal agent Vanja Ilic, Agent, attending on behalf of Arvin Ross, Solicitor for Singh.

A 2015 conviction for driving with over 80 mg alcohol in his blood did not prevent Samuel Belay from renewing his Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s License with the consent of the City. He has an otherwise clean driving record. Both the City and the tribunal agreed he seems to have turned himself around, and he stated he has stopped drinking entirely.

The license will be on probation for three years, with the usual added conditions about reporting new charges and convictions, paying outstanding fees, providing proper documents and submitting updated driver abstracts for each of the next three renewals.

The panel agreed to allow a taxicab owners license to remain in the estate of Sidney Glass, Stanley Glass, Estate Trustee, until June 8, 2018 on consent of both parties. The license is in the process of being sold. Glass died about two years ago.

The panel also allowed a taxicab license to stay in the estate of Robert Obelnycki, Donald Obelnycki, Estate Trustee, until March 8, 2018 on consent of both parties. No further extensions will be granted. John Amar, Agent for the Estate of Robert Obelnycki attended on behalf the estate. He informed the panel the final steps in the sale of one license in the estate are underway and that he anticipated no further delays. Amar told the panel “The sale is upstairs (at MLS offices). We’re ready to go.” Apparently it is about three years since the taxi’s owner died.

A company operating under the name East York Renovation & Restoration, Behzad Eftekhari, President, received a Building Renovator’s License after approval of a joint Proposed Resolution.

The license will be on probation for four years, and prior to the next four renewals the licensee must supply to MLS an up-to-date copy of his police record. As usual, he must pay all fees and provide all documentation required by the City and he must promptly report all new charges and convictions to MLS. If anything is of concern to the City the new matter and this report may be brought back to the tribunal for a full hearing.

Eftekhari has a 2011 conviction for possession of a loaded firearm. However he stated he had a troubled youth and since has turned his life around. The City said it was willing to allow him to prove himself by imposing a lengthy period of probation, which he accepted.

The matter of Harpreet Sidhu, applicant for a Tow Truck Driver’s License was adjourned until resolution of criminal charges in court. The applicant must report the outcome of the court hearing to MLS, which will then either schedule a prehearing conference or bring the matter to the tribunal. Sidhu did not attend this hearing.

Jason Azzopardi, applying to renew his Tow Truck Driver’s License, got the renewal, but the license was immediately suspended for two days and will be on probation for one year. With the usual conditions about fees and documentation being up to date, and reporting all new charges and convictions under the Highway Traffic Act, the Controlled Substances Act and the Municipal Code. Plus, the licensee must provide to MLS an up-to-date copy of his driving record on his next renewal.

After a previous hearing Azzopardi failed to inform MLS of some of his new charges and convictions. After a pre-hearing conference, the panel was told he thought he only had to report new convictions. He produced a “glowing” letter of reference from his employer. MLS believes the two-day suspension sends him the correct message.

The tribunal adjourned the matter of Irsalan Shakir Riaz, applying for a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s License April 5, 2018, peremptory to Riaz who did not attend the day’s hearing. Riaz also failed to attend at scheduled pre-hearings.

On the February 1, 2018 hearing day, the panel of Gary Yee, Aly Alibhai and Moira Calderwood adjourned the matter of Regional Stormwater Management Corp. operating as Regional Stormwater Management, Jamie Otis Atkinson, President, applying for renewal of a Drain Contractor License and a Drain Layer License, to March 22, 2018. The Tribunal Panel members are seized on this matter, meaning only these panelists will hear the case.

The panel heard evidence from the City and the applicant on this matter, but the hearing was not completed by the end of the hearing day so it will continue in March. Out of fairness to the applicant, we will not present the City’s allegations without also presenting the applicant’s side of the case.


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