TLT Feb6/20

A Vehicle-for-Hire driver license holder accused of a serious sexual assault has had his licence suspended until the outcome of his criminal trial is determined.

In a hearing conducted before the Toronto Licensing Tribunal on February 6, 2020, taxi and limousine driver Asim Shabbir told the panel chaired by Edgar Montigny, sitting with Anu Bakshi and Maureen Carter-Whitney, he was defending himself against the charges and felt he should not be suspended as he has not been found guilty of a crime.

He said he still has to earn a living.

On the other hand the city, represented by attorney Lauren Elliott, pointed out the charges were serious, arguing the very nature of the allegations were enough to cause real concern that public safety was at risk.

Elliott read from an edited police report on the alleged incident.

The name of the accuser and her address were not revealed.

The allegation is that a very inebriated woman as taken by Shabbir on December 23, 2018 in his for-hire vehicle to an out of the way location where she was assaulted, first by Shabbir and then by another man who arrived later.

DNA from two individuals was recovered from the woman, and after an investigation Shabbir was arrested.

Shabbir told the TLT his case was again before the courts later this year or early next year.

Noting Shabbir had testified he had held other jobs in his life, the tribunal said public safety outweighed the driver’s right to earn a living and granted the Interim Suspension.

Montigny said, for the tribunal, public safety is the “priority.”

Shabbir was told to immediately surrender his license and photo card to Municipal Licensing and Standards personnel.

In other matters, an adjournment was granted in the matter of the sale of I & P Studio Corp. [Vendor], o/a I & P Studio, Maria Isabel Hernandez Salgado, President, holding a Body Rub Parlour Owner/Operator's Licence to 2647255 Ontario Inc. [Purchaser], o/a Liaison Spa, Bach Kim Nguyen, Director applying for a Body Rub Parlour Owner/Operator's Licence to allow completion of the building sale to the purchaser’s husband.

It is expected the sale will be finalized before the next set hearing date of February 27, 2020, legal agent Noel Gerry told the panel.

Finally, a hearing into the matter of Anwar Taha Omer, holder of a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver's Licence was adjourned to February 20, 2020.

An issue with an alleged outstanding arrest warrant for Omer has been resolved, the penal was told, and apparently had resulted from an error made by police.

Omer first heard about the outstanding warrant at a hearing before the TLT earlier in February and he immediately went to a police station to clear things up.

Elliott told the panel she was told, “He had no idea about this warrant.”

He is free on his own recognizance until the issue is settled in court, without need for a surety.

The issue apparently is with an ex-wife.

He further told the panel he was out of the country when the alleged incident was supposed to have happened.

Granting the adjournment without an Interim Suspension requested by the city, the panel told Omer it appreciated his pro-active steps to deal with the warrant issue, but wanted him “be very careful.”


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TLT Feb6/20

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