February 2019

TLT grants fifth hearing adjournment in VFH license renewal

By John Q. Duffy

An applicant for the Renewal of a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s Licence, for the fifth time asked that his hearing be adjourned.

The new legal agent for licensee Shamim Chowdhury, Arun Datia, told a Licensing Tribunal hearing on January 24th that he had just the day before been retained and needed time to prepare his case.

Matthew Cornett, the City lawyer representing Municipal Licensing and Standards, told the panel, comprised of Moira Calderwood, Anu Bakshi and Victoria Romero, that this was Chowdhury’s fifth time before the panel and had each item asked for an adjournment to retain counsel. Each time, apparently, the new counsel was promptly dismissed.

At the last appearance before the TLT, the sitting panel suspended Chowdhury’s VFH drivers license pending the outcome of the full hearing.

On this day, Chowdhury tried to have this interim suspension lifted so he could earn money to support his family. But the panel was having none of it and kept the suspension in place.

While, apparently reluctantly, granting a further adjournment to February 14th, they also ordered the next hearing to be peremptory on the licensee, meaning it could go ahead whether or not he was present or had representation.

Chowdhury told the panel he understood.

In other business, Moauzam Bhangoo, applicant for a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s Licence, asked for an adjournment of his hearing as he is out of the country until mid-July. The panel and City staff settled on August 15th as an appropriate date.

A hearing into 2557376 Ontario Inc. o/a Pink Flower Spa, Thi Ngoc Thao Dang, President, Holder of Holistic Centre Owner Licence and Thi Ngoc Thao Dang, Applicant for the Renewal of Holistic Practitioner’s Licence was adjourned to Wednesday March 20 and Thursday March 21, 2019.

This matter first came up late last year, but there has been a problem with scheduling and availability of City witnesses. These dates seem to be suitable for all.


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