May 2019

TLT grants VFH renewal despite careless driving conviction and $15,000 in unpaid fines

by John Q. Duffy

A Vehicle for Hire driver got to keep his license, on conditions, after an April 18, 2019 Toronto Licensing Tribunal hearing.

Driver Abdullahi Ali Jama’s license was renewed after approval of a Proposed Resolution. The license was immediately suspended for two days (starting the Monday after Easter) and he will be on probation for three years after a full hearing before the TLT panel of Victoria Romero (Chair), Gary Yee and Maureen Carter-Whitney.

While he has some relatively minor Highway Traffic act convictions, the main concern for Municipal Licensing and Standards is a Careless Driving conviction involving an accident. This is being appealed.

As well, he has a very large amount of money owing on outstanding fines dating back to 2003, totaling $15,430 as of this hearing date. $13,000 of the total is due September 20, 2019, Brennagh Smith, the lawyer representing the City told the panel.

She also said the fines are not the concern of the TLT, as they are outside the TLT’s jurisdiction. Jama did say he was paying the fines according to a payment plan, “gradually”.

Among Jama’s more recent convictions are a fail to stop from 2017, driving without insurance and speeding.

He is currently working for a garage.

Announcing the endorsement of the agreement, Romero cautioned Jama, “Make sure you abide by these terms.”

In another case, Salahadin Sharif Yousuf, holder of a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s License did not personally attend this hearing date, but he was represented by paralegal, Ken Moore.

Smith presented a Joint Proposal where Yousuf would get an immediate two–day license suspension and remain on probation for three years.

The driver has a record of Careless Driving, fail to stop when required and other offenses.

He has been driving taxi since 1994 and became a taxi Owner in 2004.

Moore told the panel Yousuf understands, “the full gravity of his actions.”

Moore further said Yousuf has spent his life driving cab. “It is all he knows how to do.”

In announcing the panel’s acceptance of the proposal, Romero said “We agreed to this proposal given the long time he has been driving already. We were concerned about the charges. Please take this as an opportunity to do better.”

After this decision, further discussion took place about when the license suspension would start. It was agreed it begin the Monday after Easter, so the two-day suspension would not effectively be a couple of days longer than was intended.

After acceptance of a Proposed Resolution, Abdul Haseeb Bekzad had his Vehicle-For-Hire Driver’s License renewed on conditions.

Upon being issued the license was immediately suspended for two days (again, starting the Monday after Easter). As well, it will be on probation for three years.

Now driving a taxi, he used to drive for a PTC. While doing that work he made an unsafe left turn and had an accident, where someone in the other car suffered “dizziness.”

He was charged with Careless Driving, but has appealed the conviction as he said he was not informed of the court date.

City lawyer Smith said he agreed the penalty satisfies public safety concerns.

Finally, a hearing into the application of Rameen Zafari to renew his Tow Truck Driver’s License was adjourned to either May 30 or June 20, depending on the availability of his legal agent, Robert Stewart.


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