TLT Jan 16/20

After acceptance of a Proposed Resolution, Sean Patrick Gordon Dalton received a Toronto Tow Truck Driver's Licence.

However it will be on probation for 4 years and at each of the next 4 renewals he must supply Municipal Licensing and Standards, at his own expense, an up to date copy of his Criminal Record and Judicial Matters check.

Other usual conditions relating to fees, documents and other requirements being up to date and the licensing authorities may conduct other investigations as deemed fit. Should anything be found causing MLS concern he may be brought back to the tribunal for a full hearing.

This decision was made by a TLT panel chaired by Daphne Simon, sitting with Melana Laverty and Verlyn Francis on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

Previously licensed by the city in 2014 as a tow truck driver, that license expired in 2016. He reapplied for a new license in 2018 but it was administratively denied.

His appeal of this decision to the TLT in February, 2018 was rejected by the panel then sitting due to a then recent (2017) conviction for driving with more than 80mg of alcohol in his blood.

MLS agreed to the Joint Proposal, City Attorney David Gourlay told this panel, because, “Time has passed and there is nothing new on his record.”

He further said Dalton has started, “a new phase in his life.”

Dalton confirmed he understood the terms of his probation and the deal was approved.

Another matter before the panel also ended in approval of a Joint submission but this situation is more than usually complex.

Taxi owner/driver Ramesh Ajodha Seenath was denied renewal of both his Taxicab Owner's Licence and his Vehicle-For-Hire Driver's Licence.

Seenath has been a taxi owner since 1987. In 2015 his owners’ license fee was paid, but subsequent renewal fees of approximately $1000 per year were not paid to the city and it expired. The plate is now “on the shelf” in MLS custody.

Now Seentath wants to drive to earn money to support himself and his family and to pay the back renewal fees.

Seenath has been before the TLT “a few times” over the years, Gourlay told the panel, with one 2015 hearing resulting in the imposition of a 3-day suspension and probation.

He has a criminal record for assault and driving with more than 80 mg blood alcohol (this charge was dismissed at trial, and he admitted to drinking the night before, with the arrest occurring at 8 am on a Sunday) , but these offenses, Gourlay said, are, “quite old.”

While his plate has been in MLS custody he has not been driving cab.

The panel gave Seenath several months to pay the outstanding licensing fees, granted the drivers license and adjourned the question of renewal of his taxicab owners licence until April 16, 2020.

Finally, another Joint Proposal was approved in the matter of Fasial Ashraf, applying for Applicant for a Vehicle-For-Hire Driver's Licence.

But it will be on probation for an unusually long period, 5 years, and he must submit up-to-date copies of this Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check for each renewal. The other conditions normal for probation apply.

Alshraf also has held a city license in the past, starting in 2004, after which it periodically was cancelled or expired.

He has at least one very old conviction for carrying a prohibited weapon and does not use drugs or alcohol.

He readily admits he has anger management issues but has taken steps to deal with these problems.

Ashraf feels “deep remorse” for his past behavior, Gourlay said.

Also on the plus side he has at least one job offer that was submitted to the tribunal.

Before the acceptance was announced by the panel he thanked all for the opportunity to present his case.

Panel Chair Simon wished him luck


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